What do we do?

BienesDar[WellGiving]’s mission is to improve society’s wellness (bienestar in Spanish), sharing activities, resources, skills and knowledge.


In order to fulfil this mission, the following activities are organised: 

  • Personal development training workshops, conferences, seminars, conventions and symposiums .
  • Development of ways to connect people so that they can share activities, resources, skills and knowledge which may improve society’s wellness.
  • Any type of activity that includes improving the participants’ wellness and/or society’s wellness in general. 
  • Any type of activity that empowers the charity to launch any of the activities listed previously. This includes agreements with anyone (person or entity) that can help BienesDar’s mission. 
  • Establish relationships with institutions and people that may contribute to BienesDar’s mission. 
  • Contributions, grants, subventions, awards and prizes to encourage actions that can contribute towards BienesDar’s mission. 


Active projects: