Triness  is an inter-independent section of . Its mission is to improve the well-being of society by sharing activities, resources, skills and knowledge related to healthy physical activity:


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About us

We are a non-profit organization that aims to generate WELLNESS, FITNESS and HAPPINESS from healthy physical activity and thus be able to reach the emotional, psychic, psychic part… «Mens sana in corpore Sano» Or was it the other way around?

We belong to the non-profit association , whose mission is to improve the welfare of society by sharing activities, resources, skills and knowledge. It is registered in the national registry of associations (Ministry of the Interior) on 04/25/2018 in GROUP 1, SECTION 1, No. 615536.


It arises after the achievement of casual or causal situations from which we are forced to enrich ourselves and grow so as not to lose our way or our health in the attempt to remain still. The path to learning never ends.



From TRINESS we organize and teach several programs and within each program there are several possibilities to choose from. Some of them are carried out by us directly, others through collaborators and indirectly:



We rely on a set of associated postural and respiratory exercises that are executed with a specific pattern that causes the activation of the deep muscles of the abdominal area mainly and the rest of the parts of the body that we will voluntarily activate to provoke said effect. These exercises are a very effective way of working the diaphragmatic muscles (thoracic and perineal), to prevent different types of pathologies, provide aesthetic improvements and enhance sports performance, among other benefits.

It is an innovative and revolutionary tool due to the change involved in using it as a complement or substitution for others, minimizing the risk of injury, being healthy and complete, ideal for its holistic work that must be generated and achieved.

At the same time, it can also be used as a physical exercise prescription, injury prevention and health improvement.

Its objective is to recover, prevent and improve health while practicing this healthy physical activity. Minimizing the risk of injury while improving sports performance thanks to the improvement of respiratory, cardiovascular and postural parameters. It is also a great therapeutic tool.



Yoga is a traditional discipline originating in India, which seeks balance and physical and mental well-being by helping relaxation and meditation.

The classic techniques date back more than 5,000 years, and it is that already in remote times the desire for greater personal freedom, health and long life, and the understanding of oneself, gave birth to this system of physical and mental exercises that have spread throughout the world.

It is based on three structures: exercise, meditation and breathing.

Our proposal is so that everyone can try it at some time in their life and decide whether to incorporate it into their life or discard it… We opted to incorporate it.




The term Aquagym comes from  Latin  and mixes the terms «water» and «gymnastics», which quite accurately define the type of sport it encompasses. This modality is a variant of  aerobics  that is carried out in an aquatic environment, usually in a  swimming pool , and that, thanks to its development in the water, allows the effects of exercise to be duplicated. Aquagym anglicism is also known as  aquatic fitness  or  aquatic gymnastics .

aquagymIts use and demand have increased notably in recent years, not only because of the benefits to maintain and improve the figure, but also because of its health advantages.

Aquagym is a form of  aquatic fitness  with numerous exercises focused on  muscle toning . Aquagym adapts the physical work that is done on land to the aquatic environment, with the advantage of being weightless. It is usually carried out in shallow pools (from 1.20 to 1.50 m). The most suitable temperature should be between 28 °C and 31 °C.

With aquagym the general physical condition is improved and it allows a better recovery from injuries, which is why it is indicated for people in rehabilitation processes. Different muscle groups are worked in a specific way and exercises of the upper, middle (obliques and abdominals) and lower body are alternated.

In  aqua aerobics , with music the  pulsations are controlled  making the organism activate or relax. Thanks to the rhythms, it is easier to carry out the exercises appropriate to the music for them and creating   fun choreographies .

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Nordic walking


Nordic Walking consists of walking with poles specially designed for the development of this physical activity, with the aim of optimizing the physical effort made in the biomechanical movement of our body when walking. This is achieved thanks to the involvement of the upper body (arms, shoulders, back) that is added to the legs and hips, increasing the efficiency of movement, increasing speed and covering more kilometers per hour than in normal conditions, or else, being less fatigued in the same distance traveled since the effort is more distributed, doing it in different muscle groups.



It offers us a simple, natural and very effective way to improve our own physical condition and tone our muscles, regardless of the age, gender and physical preparation of the practitioner. If the proposed technique is used correctly, the physical work falls on most of the body’s muscles, without excessively loading the joints, with all the benefits that it represents to complete a good workout.

This presents us with a wide panorama of physical activity suitable for all people, from therapeutic walking and aerobic training to specific exercises for athletes and competition.

Nordic Walking is definitely a safe, natural, dynamic, efficient and adaptable physical activity for everyone, involving the whole body in a symmetrical and balanced way.


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