Altruistic Rental

At we want to increase well-being:rentaltruistic

  • From accommodation users, so that they can rent them at a fair price, while helping social projects.
  • From the owners of these accommodations, since if they make them available for #AlquilerAltruista, they will be able to cover the expenses they would have to pay if the property was empty.
  • Of the planet, because by increasing sustainable and altruistic connections between tenants and guests, we can reduce the number of unnecessary properties.

We are looking for people who want to collaborate on this project in any of these ways:

  • Owners of real estate, who want to make them available for #AlquileAltruista during certain periods (a weekend, a week, a month, etc), maintaining their rights and responsibilities as owners. They will have the benefit of having their expenses paid during that period and the satisfaction of providing humanitarian/social aid, in the projects of their choice.
  • Holiday lovers or people interested in long-term rentals, who want to enjoy the properties made available in #AlquilerAltruista. For this, they will make their economic contribution, as agreed.
  • Networking: we need 100-1000 people who can inspire others to participate in this project and benefit from it as users. Example of a message to share with your contacts: Good News: a platform for #AltruisticRental has been launched. If you want to collaborate by renting a property, go to
  • Ideas, planning, execution, completion – we need 2-20 people who have experience using similar platforms and can collaborate on their ideas.
  • Programming: we need 1-3 webmaster/developer/graphic designers to create a more sophisticated platform and/or mobile application.

To collaborate on this project in any of the ways mentioned above, contact us .

villanua-logoAt the moment we already have the possibility of a shelter in the Sierra de Bicorp (Valencia, Spain) and an apartment in the Aragonese Pyrenees (Villanúa, Huesca, Spain (very near France). Thanks to their collaboration we have managed to finance many of our projects.Garden view of the apartment for rent in the Aragonese Pyrenees

  • The mountain hut is in the middle of nature and is ideal for those who want an adventure away from civilization. More information at
  • The apartment is on the ground floor, with views of Collarada and a private garden of the «La Espata» residence. More information  at